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Wellington has a facinating history

Want to know more about the history of Wellington, your family or street? We may have the answer in our Local History Cabinet, Reference Library or Topic Boxes.

Did you know the Museum's Armarda Chest (pictured)  featured in a recent HSBC promotion about keeping your money safe?

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The Iron Duke

Discover more about Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, his association with the town and his estate.

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Industrial History

Wellington has a rich industrial history, find out more about the Foxes Mill, Bishop Bros Foundry, Relyon and more...

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Social History

From local banknotes to art deco cinema, influencial families and school days discover how life has changed for Wellingtonians.

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Oral Histories

Listen to the Museum's collection of oral historties that record the life and times of people living in this small Somerset town.

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The Monument

The Monument, built to honour the Duke of Wellington's victory in the Battle of Waterloo, is the World's tallest three-sided obelisk (175ft).

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The Townscape

From the Howards' transformation of the townscape in the late 19th Century to modern day builds, discover more about your street.

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