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Taunton Stop Line Talk

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In the Second World War there was the threat of an enemy invasion into the south-west of England.  To defend the rest of the country from an advance, defensive measures were installed across the peninsula.  One of these measures was a string of pill boxes and other obstacles in a line from the north Somerset coast to the English Channel passing through Taunton.  Remnants of the Stop Line are still visible. 


Andrew Powell-Thomas will describe the origins and subsequent history of the Taunton Stop Line. 


Thursday 22 September 2022


Wellington Prep School Hall,

South Street; Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8NT


Pictured: World War 2 Demolition Chambers under a bridge on the Bridgewater and Taunton Canal.

Credit: Adobe Stock/Andy Chisholm

28 Fore Street
TA21 8AQ

07495 512303

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