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Mid-Summer Walk

A guided tour led by the Museum's curator, Colin Spackman

A tour of the townscape covering a mile and a bit in an hour and a bit.

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‘The Age of The Pyramids – The World’s First Pyramid

Speaker : Janet Diamond

Janet set the scene looking at the landscape and geography of the early burial sites at the dawn of Egyptian history and at the development of pre-Dynastic and early Dynastic burials.  The key stages of the evolution of burial places and practices were covered, including looking at some of the architectural steps and theological influences that were the forerunners of the first pyramid 5,000 years ago – King Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara.  King Djoser’s reign was an era of great vision and invention.  The six stepped monument is 62.5 metres high and took 20 years to complete.  Janet then gave a ‘guided tour’ of the Pyramid and its complex, which included several structures – pavilions, temples, etc – pivotal to its function in both life and the afterlife.  The whole site covers an area of 37acres and is surrounded by an enclosure with one million tons of stone in the perimeter wall.  The Pyramid itself contains 850,000 tons of stone.  The entrance colonnade is formed by 40 stone columns carved to resemble bundles of reed stems.  The complex established a benchmark and provided an inspiration for all pyramid building for the next 2,000 years.

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Annual General Meeting

The Society's AGM was followed by a talk from Sue Goodland of Wessex Water.  'Waste water down the plughole.'


Visit for a copy of the Society's annual report.

28 Fore Street
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