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Major Grant Award for the Preservation of Tone Works

Historic England has awarded a £348,000 grant towards the preservation of Tone Works – the Fox Brothers and Co. Ltd cloth-finishing works which was in operation for over two centuries between 1776 and the year 2000.

Ross Simmonds, regional director for Historic England South West describes Tone Works as being “of great historical importance”.

"It’s a really well-preserved example of a finishing works and as such helps us understand the evolution of the stages and processes involved in the textile industry, which had such an impact on Britain’s economy.  

"It also has great local significance as the major employer in Wellington for over a century. Generations of people in the town will have worked here or been related to someone who did and will have strong memories associated with it."  

The grant, which is part of the Government's £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund, will be used to fund the first phase of a restoration programme designed to bring the Tone Works site back to life and give it a new role in the community.

Click here for more on the grant announcement.

Published: 14 February 2021

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